“To all of you beef jerky fans, this is the PLACE TO BE! I discovered this little piece of angel’s breath on a past visit a few years back, and every time I am back I make a pit stop.” – Rebecca S. Peoria, AZ

“Fun Store! Free Samples! Wierd Random Jerky!” – Katie R. Quincy, MA
“Staff is knowledgeable, super-friendly, and gives out free samples if you’re wary of an unfamiliar meat. Most people couldn’t run a store centered around jerky, so you KNOW they’re doing something right.” – Taric W. Phoenix, AZ
“Very friendly staff and great product l recommend giving this place a try.” – James A. Phoenix, AZ
“A nice enough shop that sells non-new age type knickknacks and tasty Jerky. They have beef, venison, buffalo, elk, turkey and salmon jerky in different flavors. My favorites were regular beef and sweet & spicy buffalo. They’re definitely better than store bought jerky. I purchased several packages for gifts to friends and co-workers.
“They have the best beef jerky I know of. They have free samples… I bought 6 bags when we arrived in Sedona, and 5 days later it’s all gone!
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Buck Thornton’s World of Jerky was formed in 2002 after its founders, Buck and Kitty Thornton, discovered that their products were becoming ever increasingly popular. Starting from their retail store in Sedona, AZ, Buck and Kitty first supplied their Jerky to tourists from all over the world (Tourists who became our friends and returned to visit us and our store). The request for a web site became a topic of conversation, so Buck “Bucked up” and created this web site for all our new and old friends to visit. Come to find the latest about Northern AZ. And Buck and Kitty’s Adventures and tell us of yours.